'beat any African safari honeymoon hands down'

We spent our honeymoon at Eishken Estate earlier this year.  We could not have asked for a better location to begin married life.  It beat any African safari honeymoon hands down.  Being surrounded by breathtaking views of the sea whilst stalking, walking or partaking in many of the activities Eishken has to offer was an experience that will live with us throughout our married life.  It was a total escape from our busy city lifestyles, with all the creature comforts you could wish for.  Seeing the shellfish come out of the sea in the morning and end up on your plate that evening was a highlight of our trip.  Nothing was too much trouble to ensure we had our perfect honeymoon. 

Georgie & Rob, 2014

holding handsDSC01512.JPG

'for wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers...'

For wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers, Eishken is an amazing place.  Deer abound on the hills of the estate, and gentle shaggy Highland cattle wander close to the house, where children can gingerly pet them.  One evening, before going down for dinner, I watched from my bedroom window as an otter swam around in the loch, surrounded by tumbling Arctic terns and the fins of porpoises.  On the final day, as we drove out of the estate, we stopped to have a look at a golden eagle sitting in broad sunshine on a rock 80 yards away – apparently unworried by our scramble to retrieve binoculars from the car’s boot.

Tom, 2014



'where childhood memories are made'

Eishken is a place where childhood memories are made.  I watched my two children happily occupy themselves playing on the landing stage near the house: the fun of playing with seaweed and “rescuing” mussels kept them busy for hours.  It was great to see two city kids, whose usual entertainment involves iPads, creating their own fun with simple things amidst the beauty of nature.

Mia, London, 2014

Highland cow and kid photo TH.jpg